15 December 2013

today's odd sundays at molly's rescheduled

odd sundays at molly's
Raymond Fraser, BLISS and other stories (Broken Jaw Press; & Jennifer Houle
December 22 (not December 15)
Molly's Coffee House
554 Queen St, Fredericton, NB.

24 November 2013

From Shore to Shoormal book launch

Frae Wordplay, Shetland's 12th annual book festival:

From Shore to Shoormal (Broken Jaw Press) book launch audio file here: From Shore to Shoormal launch (recorded by Joe Blades at Mareel, Lerwick, 1 September 2013).

From Shore to Shoormal/D'un rivage à l'autre" is a trilingual poetry book by Donna Allard and Nat Hall.

The bool launch features emcee Donald Anderson; solo readings by Marsali Taylor, Joe Blades & Christian S. Tait; music by guest musicians Steve Davidson and Alan McKay; and the book launch reading by Nat Hall (with Joe Blades as the "Canadian voice").

Photo by Craig Meheut © 1 Sept 2013.

23 October 2013


You are cordially invited to the Miramichi launch
of Raymond's new book:

BLISS, and other stories
Broken Jaw Press

1:00-2:30 PM, SATURDAY, OCT 26, 2013

1738 Water Street, Chatham
Miramichi NB E1N 1B5
ph 506-773-8010, 1-888-840-3555

Excerpt from the title story "Bliss", about the late Bliss Comeau and his years as a musician in Ontario:

"I was innocent, man, we all were. Small town guys. We’d never smoked dope, we didn’t even drink that much, just a few beers maybe once or twice a week. We didn’t know anything. I mean, we didn’t know anything. We were in Toronto six months before we knew where Yonge Street was. We lived in Scarsdale, that’s a suburb, and we never went anywhere, except the time we went to play at a resort..."

Raymond Fraser is a natural story teller. His talent with narrative is second to none in this country.
—Michael O. Nowlan, Daily Gleaner

"I've had the pleasure of reading five of Raymond Fraser's books over the past few years. A great storyteller and one of the country's truly under-appreciated natural resources."
—Lawrence Creaghan, The Write Stuff


17 July 2013

From Shore to Shoormal news

"The poems themselves are wonderful—a reminder of poetry as playing with words, piling image on image [...] at times lively, playful, in other moods evocative and moving. [...] Not to be missed by anyone who enjoys words."
—Marsali Taylor, Shetland Times

"This unusual poetry book [...] is a celebration of connections and duality [...] The poems reflect life on opposite coasts of the Atlantic: shorelines, nature, people, relationships."
—Laureen Johnson, The New Shetlander

Shore to Shoormal co-author Nat Hall recently, 18 & 19 May 2013, read in the Shetland Boat Show in Lerwick.

Now she's planning her book launch event for Shore to Shoormal scheduled during Wordplay, Shetland's annual book festival that runs 31 August to 8 September 2013. Join Nat Hall and friends on 1 September 2013, Sunday, 12:30-1:30 pm, in Screen 2, Mareel, in Lerwick, Shetland, Scotland. The reading will be followed by a book signing.

Broken Jaw Press publisher–poet Joe Blades will be there giving his own poetry readings and a writing workshop in Wordplay thanks to an Arts by Invitation grant received from artnb. He has previously giving readings and workshops in Scotland: in Dalbeattie, Dumfries, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Johnstonebridge, and Paisley.

06 May 2013

Donna Allard in WordsSpring 2013

NB Poet Donna Allard to read from her coauthored with Nat Hall book, From Shore to Shoormal / D’un rivage à l’autre (Broken Jaw Press, & BS Poetry Society), in the Local Author Book Launches event, 7 pm, Friday, 10 May—Shadow Lawn Inn, 3180 Rothesay Rd, Rothesay NB E2E 5V7.

Want the book now?
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This reading is one event in the Writers’ Fed. of NB's WordsSpring 2013, 10–12 May, in Rothesay, Quispamsis, and on the Kingston Peninsula.

28 April 2013

Nela Rio in Mendoza, Argentina

Nela writes:

"On my visit to Mendoza, Argentina, March 23–April 11, 2013, one of my cultural activities was the formal response to an invitation from the Biblioteca Pública “General San Martín", (created in 1820) to officially donate my latest book En el umbral del atardecer.../ On the Threshold of Dusk ...; translation by Elizabeth Gamble Miller; prologue by Hugh Hazelton; Broken Jaw Press, March 2013. The presentation took place April 8, 2013. My additional books, two in Spanish, published in Spain, and 10 bilingual and one trilingual, published by Broken Jaw Press, have being donated to this Library since 2010. I was impressed by the friendly reception by Mrs. Cristina Amills in charge of the section of Argentine Poetry, and local authors, referring to Mendoza. We had an interesting conversation about the opportunity of publication in Spanish in Canada."

15 February 2013

Broken Jaw Press author Nela Rio to read at Memorial University, St John's, NL on 22 Feb 2013. Nela's books with Broken Jaw Press are:

Los puentes del Río San Juan / Bridges over the Saint John River. Nela Rio & M. Travis Lane, editora / editors.

El espacio no es un vacío, incluye todos los tiempos. Editora Nela Rio. BJP eBook 51.

En las noches que desvisten otras noches / Durant les nuits qui déshabillent d’autres nuits, by Nela Rio; Jill Valéry, traductrice.

La luna, Tango, siempre la luna / The Moon, Tango, Always the Moon. Nela Rio. Edith Jonsson-Devillers translator into English. Poetry.

Aquella luz, la que estremece / The Light that Makes Us Tremble. Poetry by Nela Rio; Hugh Hazelton, translator.

The Space of Light / El espacio de la luz. Nela Rio; Elizabeth Gamble Miller, editor & translator.

Sustaining the Gaze: When Images Tremble / Sosteniendo la mirada: cuando las imágenes tiemblan / Soutenant le regard: quand les images tremblent. Brian Atkinson, Nela Rio; Elizabeth Gamble Miller & Jill Valéry, translators.

Túnel de proa verde / Tunnel of the Green Prow, 2nd edition. Nela Rio; Hugh Hazelton, translator.

During Nights that Undress Other Nights / En las noches que desvisten otras noches. Nela Rio; Elizabeth Gamble Miller, translator.