30 October 2011

Happy Halloween

carved last night while watching a movie

09 October 2011

Double book launch: 27 Oct @ Westminster Books

27 October, Thursday, 7 pm.
@ Westminster Books,
445 King Street,
Fredericton, New Brunswick
Tel 1-800-561-READ to order autographed books.

Tristis Ward launching Bones of the Magus: All that Remains (Broken Jaw Press)
Bones of the Magus is a fascinating synthesis of the comic book genre and literary prose. It is a graphic(less) novel in which vivid pictures are created literally and metaphorically through words. The story of a great prince, reincarnated as a skeleton into a foreign time and space, is a compelling and unusual read. Its breathless energy is sustained panel to panel throughout the book. Tristis Ward is the most creative writer I know and Bones of the Magus is her masterpiece. It is science fiction fantasy at its best.”
—Carolyn Gammon

Tristis Ward lives and writes in Fredericton, New Brunswick. After a degree in English at Dalhousie University, she worked for years in community radio as a producer, station manager, and national lobbyist. She has written comic book scripts, short stories and plays as well as producing both stage and radio plays. She has published online in the SFF World Forum and is a multiple winner in their flash fiction contests. Bones of the Magus is her first graphic novel.

& Joe Blades launching Casemate Poems (Collected) (Chaudiere Books)
“To read Canadian poet and artist Joe Blades’ book of poetry casemate poems means to get knowledge about one very specific way of understanding poetry today. [...] Blades’ poetry is written by activating different layers of human knowledge and by articulation of this knowledge, for example, in narrations of history and geography. He moves in time (historical perspective) and in space (for example, actual events in the world at the time, such as the attack on the World Trade Center) […] Poetry is not a separate sacred sphere, but a sphere where it is possible to articulate a critical approach to the past and contemporaneity.”
—Dubravka Ðurić

Joe Blades is a Fredericton, NB writer and artist on the editorial board of revue ellipse mag. He is founding publisher of Broken Jaw Press, and the current Past President of the League of Canadian Poets. Blades has given readings, lectures, and workshops in Canada, the USA, Scotland, and Central Europe. Since 1995 he has been the community radio producer–host of Ashes, Paper & Beans: Fredericton’s Writing & Arts Show (CHSR FM). Blades is the editor of ten anthologies, curator of a videopoem screening, and author of seven poetry books, including River Suite, and the sequel to Casemate Poems (Collected) titled Prison Songs and Storefront Poetry.

Joe Blades photo by Sophie Lavoie.

04 October 2011

Nela Rio in Trois-Rivières

Festival International de la Poésie, Trois-Rivières (Québec)

[Note: selected events featuring Fredericton, NB poet–artist Nela Rio]

OCTOBER 6, 2011

17 h–18 h 30 : Apéro‑poésie. Café Bar Zénob, 171, rue Bonaventure, 819 378-9925. Poètes : Nouréini Tidjani-Serpos (Bénin), Nela Rio, Dyane Léger (Nouveau-Brunswick), Alice Major (Alberta), Anna Swanson (Colombie-Britannique), Catherine Harton, Jean-François Poupart, Pierre Demers (Québec).

18 h : Souper‑poésie. Restaurant Le Saint-Germain Bistro, 401, rue Saint-Roch, 819 372-0607. Début des lectures : 18 h 30. Poètes : Maria Bautista Vazquez, Luis Francisco Vasquez, Ernesto Lumbreras (Mexique), Nela Rio (Nouveau-Brunswick), J.-Roger Léveillé (Manitoba).

23 h : Poèmes de nuit. Café Bar Zénob, 171, rue Bonaventure, 819 378-9925. Poètes : Maria Bautista Vazquez, Luis Francisco Vasquez, Ernesto Lumbreras (Mexique), Tania Espitia Becerra (Colombie), Alice Major (Alberta), Nela Rio (Nouveau-Brunswick), Anna Swanson (Colombie-Britannique), Julie Tremblay, Mireille Gagné, Jean-Philippe Bergeron (Québec).



12 h : Dîner-poésie. Café Le Bucafin, 920, boul. du Saint-Maurice, 819 376-2122. Poètes : Christine De Luca (Îles Shetland), Christophe Pairoux (Wallonie-Belgique), Nela Rio, Dyane Léger (Nouveau-Brunswick), Jean-François Poupart (Québec).

15 h 30–16 h 30 : Poèmes en langue anglaise. Église Saint-James, 811, rue des Ursulines, 819 374-6010. Poètes: David Musgrave (Australie), James Norcliffe (Nouvelle-Zélande), Christine De Luca (Îles Shetland), Alice Major (Alberta), Nela Rio (Nouveau-Brunswick), Anna Swanson (Colombie-Britannique).

17 h : Apéro-poésie. Foyer de la Maison de la culture, 1425, place de l’Hôtel de Ville, 819 379-9813. Musique : Daniel Lessard. Poètes : Dmitry Legeza (Russie), Nela Rio (Nouveau-Brunswick), Anna Swanson (Colombie-Britannique), Anthony Phelps (Haïti/Québec), Pierre Labrie, Prix Rina-Lasnier 2011, Patrick Lafontaine, Julie Tremblay (Québec).

20 h : Souper-poésie. (2e service) Restaurant Au Four à bois, 329, rue Laviolette, 819 373-3686. Poètes : Christine De Luca (Îles Shetland), Alice Major (Alberta), Nela Rio (Nouveau-Brunswick), Jean-Philippe Bergeron, Paul Bélanger, Prix Alain-Grandbois-2010 (Québec).



12 h : Dîner-poésie. Restaurant Le Manoir, 1147, rue Hart, 819 373-0204. Poètes : Olga Khokhlova (Russie), Nela Rio (Nouveau-Brunswick), Alice Major (Alberta), Anthony Phelps (Haïti/Québec).

15 h-16 h : Scotch et poésie. L’Embuscade Café Galerie, 1571, rue Badeaux, 819 374-0652. Poètes : Daniel Dugas, Nela Rio, Dyane Léger (Nouveau-Brunswick) Andrée Lacelle (Ontario).

17 h : Apéro‑poésie. Café Bar Zénob, 171, rue Bonaventure, 819 378-9925. Poètes : Olga Khokhlova (Russie), Nela Rio (Nouveau-Brunswick), Rodney Saint-Éloi, Anthony Phelps (Haïti/Québec), Aimée Verret, Patrick Boulanger (Québec).