15 December 2012

New book: From Shore to Shoormal / D’un rivage à l’autre

Donna Allard by Brian Stevens.
Nat Hall by Jen Hadfield

From Shore to Shoormal / D’un rivage à l’autre
Poems in English, French, & Shetland dialect /
Poèmes en mirroirs—anglais–français–dialecte shetlandais
Donna Allard & Nat Hall

December 2012
8.5” x 5.5” tpb, 71 pp
BJPs ISBN 978-1-55391-111-1
$16 CDN, $17 USD, £10
co-publisher: BS Poetry Society

Two voices celebrate their Atlantic connection.

Whilst Donna Allard writes on the coastal fringe in New Brunswick, Canada, Nat Hall walks and writes by her shoormal, somewhere on the 60th parallel in her windswept Shetland Islands, Scotland’s most northerly archipelago. “Shore”, as described by J. L. Leprohon in her “Sea Shore Musings” poem, is the Creator’s power—in her own Canadian home, “Mysterious, moaning main,/ in dreams I’ll see thy snow-white foam”. It’s described by Chile’s bard Pablo Neruda in “No me hagan caso / Forget about Me”, as a place where the sea washes, throws up crab claws and skulls of many kinds …

“Shoormal”, as defined by Robert Alan Jamieson in his Shoormal, A Sequence of Movements (Polygon, 1986): “In Shetland, da shoormal is the shallows on a beach; the space between the tides where the moon weighs the density of the ocean …” that area where sand shifts.

From Shore to Shoormal is a journey between Acadia’s Shediac Bay and Shetland’s Ninian Sands—a celebration of the poets’ shared North Atlantic.

Donna Allard: “acadianrose”—Acadian-born, New Brunswick-based barefoot gardener, pirate poet, and peacemaker. She became inspired by poet Milton Acorn, and poet–editor Libby Oughton. Her mentor was poet–activist Valerie LaPointe.

Nat Hall: “nordicblackbird”—Norman-born, Shetland-based poet and visual artist, world intellectual nomad, who lives and writes on 60° North. nordicblackbird.wordpress.com/

03 December 2012

International Exhibition of Visual Poetry

Poet Jesse Ferguson, author of Dirty Semiotics (Broken Jaw Press, 2011) is featured in an exhibition, in conjunction with The last vispo anthology: Visual poetry 1998–2008, on exhibit in the Cape Breton University Art Gallery, Sydney, NS, until 18 Jan 2013.

15 November 2012

Julie Comeau @ Westminster Books

November 15, 2012, at 7 pm Julie Comeau will launch her book "Never Give Up!" The Inspiring Journey of a Real Life Survivor (Broken Jaw Press) at Westminster Books, 445 King St, Fredericton, NB.

05 October 2012

NEW BOOK: "Never Give Up!"

My book is my lifestory about my medical journey and all the amazing people that I met along the way. We all have a story, we all face obstacles, struggles and challenges along our life journeys.
—Julie Comeau

“Never Give Up!” The Inspiring Journey of a Real Life Survivor
by Julie Comeau

October 2012
Autobiography, motivational
9” x 6” tpb, 111 pp
ISBN 978-1-55391-113-5, $20 CDN, $21 USA

What begins as occasional postings on Facebook by Julie that describe her early childhood trauma, and then her incredible medical nightmare, soon becomes a spiritual rebirth for Julie and the thousands who have joined her on her journey to recovery. Her inspiration is contagious. It resonates with people around the world. From everyday people to the rich and famous, all want to share Julie’s message, to watch her videos on YouTube, and to tell their own stories of personal turmoil.

“Never Give Up!” is about overcoming the many curve balls life can throw at you. It is the story of one woman’s perseverance to keep pushing ahead amidst a firestorm of adversity, illness, and bad luck. It is part autobiographical, part motivational and inspirational, and it is a testament to the human spirit.

In working on her book, Julie and her husband Vince were a team. They were a couple rich in love. They knew that writing and publishing a book could be long and daunting. They supported each other in their belief that one day this book would come together. Sadly, Vince Comeau passed away two months before Julie’s book could be published. She promised Vince that her journey will continue in his name.

Julie Comeau lives in Fredericton, New Brunswick with her two sons. Her web site is http://www.reallifesurvivor.ca/

Launch: 13 October 2012 @ Reality Rescue III, Glen Allen, VA, USA


27 July 2012

Jesse Patrick Ferguson & Islay

canadianpoetspettingcats interview with Jesse Ferguson, author of Dirty Semiotics (Broken Jaw Press).

Jesse Patrick Ferguson & Islay

26 July 2012

Pictures & Words: Summer Voices 2012

By invitation, Joe Blades will be participating in PICTURES & WORDS: A SUMMER VOICES 2012 EVENT wherein he will give author readings and promote his books. He has had three new poetry books since December 2010. He has never done author readings in Western Newfoundland, only in Labrador and St John’s, so this is a great opportunity, and for Broken Jaw Press.

Page One, a writers’ group in Western Newfoundland which has been promoting writers and other creators since 1987, has extended an invitation to me to participate in their annual Summer Voices Program. This year, at their closing event in Deer Lake (up the Humber River near Corner Brook), they are hosting a gathering of publishers, authors and visual artists in a two-day event on 3–4 August 2012.

The general public is invited to the event. There will be scheduled readings and at the conclusion of the event, Page One will have authors and audience share their work and partake in refreshments. This inter-genre event will hopefully the first of an annual series.

Page One has confirmation of participation from several publishers, authors, and visual artists but do not yet have a schedule [it might show up on Facebook, we hope]. They say they will enjoy having Joe Blades as one of their participating authors and as a representative from New Brunswick.

24 July 2012

Carlos Morales book launch

Carlos Morales will launch his first book of poetry, Antología chiquita, published by Fredericton’s Broken Jaw Press, at 3 pm on Saturday, 28 July in the Barracks Square tent outside the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, 457 Queen St, Fredericton.

Carlos Morales demuestra poseer una palabra poética luminosa tanto en poemas de gran ternura como en los de profundo dolor, “pero ahora sé/ que mi corazón se quedará con ellas”, dice en uno de sus poemas. Hondura de pensamiento, y escritura de poeta realizado.

Carlos Morales shows he possesses a luminous poetic voice, be it in poems that show great tenderness or in ones of deep pain; one of his poems states “but now I know/ my heart will stay with them”. Great depth and writings by an accomplished poet.

—Nela Rio, Directora, Capítulo de Fredericton,Academia Iberoamericana de Poesía

28 April 2012

Where's Tristis?

Tristis & her Bones of the Magus book are

Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo
@ BMO Center
20 Roundup Way SE
Calgary, AB T2G 2W1

Show Hours
27 April, Friday, 3pm to 8pm
28 April, Saturday, 10am to 7pm
29 April, Sunday, 10am to 5pm