31 December 2009

Fredericton Small Press Fair: 20 March 2010

Announcing . . .

The next Fredericton Small Press Fair
including a “Nuestro Espacio” latino book & journals display:
20 March 2010
In conjunction with The United Nation’s Dialogue Among Civilizations Through Poetry, World Poetry Day (21 March), Mother Language Day (21 February), and the 10th International Multicultural-Multilingual Poetry Reading and Poster Poem Exhibition, organized and founded by Nela Rio nelario@rogers.com

• Vendors • Exhibitors • Readings • Workshop(s) •

Indie, small and micro-press publishers: books and chapbooks of poetry, fiction, artist multiples, artist books, broadsheets, postcards, zines, lit mags, literacy info & much more . . .

Location: Gallery ConneXion, 470 York St, Fredericton, NB.

Open Mic and scheduled readings may be recorded for broadcast on Ashes, Paper & Beans: Fredericton’s Writing & Art Show on CHSR 97.9 FM.

Table fee: tables $10 (full tables only). Payable to: BS Poetry Society, Box 596 Stn A, Fredericton NB E3B 5A6. Doors open @ 11 AM for exhibitor setup. Contact (506) 454-5127, joeblades@nb.aibn.com to reserve tables and to book a launch or reading.

Free things (info, publications, calls for submissions, etc.) can be mailed to us for the distribution table. The fair itself will not sell for folks who can’t make it, but if you can arrange for someone local (say, a UNB, STU or NBCCD student) to represent you @ the fair that would be great!

Event info posted online @ fredericton small press fair.

Sponsors include
Ashes, Paper & Beans • Broken Jaw Press • BS Poetry Society • Capítulo de Fredericton de la Academia Iberoamericana de Poesía • Gallery ConneXion • revue ellipse mag • Literary Translators’ Association of Canada / Association des traducteurs et traductrices littéraires du Canada • Registro de Autores Creativos de la Asociación Canadiense de Hispanistas • Small Press Action Network–Eastern Region •

30 December 2009

Broken Jaw in Beograd

Since 2004, Broken Jaw Press has been exhibiting its books on the Canada Stand at the annual Beograd International Book Fair. Publisher Joe Blades participated in the 2004–2006 fairs in person with presentations, readings, and book signings.

In mid October 2009, Blades attended a conference in Sofia in neighbouring Bulgaria, and entered discussions about co-publishing possibilities in the region, but couldn’t stick around until month-end for the book fair. He hopes to attend the Beograd Book Fair again in person some year soon.

In this photograph, Olgica Marinković, Academic and Cultural Relations Officer / Agent de programme, Relations académiques et culturelles of the Embassy of Canada / Ambassade du Canada, Belgrade, Serbia / Serbie, stands at an entrance to the 2009 Canada Stand. Broken Jaw Press books and recent issues of revue ellipse mag (published by éditions ellipse of Fredericton, NB) are on the shelves above Olgica’s open hand.

12 December 2009

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09 December 2009

Blades named judge for CPA Annual Poetry Contest

Details for the Canadian Poetry Association’s Annual Poetry Contest are on the cpa.yolasite.com website, please follow guidelines.
Deadline is December 30th 2009.

We wish to welcome this years’ judge, publisher, author, poet Joe Blades.

Blades is an active member of the BlackTop MotorCycle Gang writers’ group, coordinator of the Fredericton Small Press Fair, a CHSR Broadcasting Inc. Board Member, Vice President–Membership Chair of The League of Canadian Poets, and a Past President of the Canadian Poetry Association. Website: Joe Blades.

The Canadian Poetry Association has a NEW Official Website at: cpa.yolasite.com. Their Chapters are linked in with Facebook and the NEW CPA Lit-Serv is at Twitter (www.twitter.com/cpalit). The magazine POEMATA has its own blog at poemata.ning.com.
Please join the CPA and bookmark the new sites!

More information on the CPA mailing address and Paypal is available on the CPA website.

Donna Allard is the current Canadian Poetry Association President.

04 December 2009

a little something . . . broadsides

Chances are, unless you’ve been where I am when I am handing out Broken Jaw’s a little something . . . broadsides, that you’ve not seen one. Some recent ones are travelling with their touring authors. They get mailed (and not just to the Legal Deposit office of Library & Archives Canada!) and they are decidedly mailable.

I started doing/making/publishing them because of rob mclennan and his poem broadsides (above/ground press) out of Ottawa that happen wherever rob gets access to a photocopier. rob said that I should start doing something similar so I did, ten years ago, in 1999. I’m not nearly as prolific with them as rob, and nowadays I tend to print them inhouse rather than photocopy them.

a little something... is an occasional broadside series. They are neat publications, usually in a limited edition of 100 copies, that make a great promotional handout for their author. Each a little something... usually showcases one poem, prose piece, or visual in a 8½ x 11 trifold poster format. They tend to be published on the occasion of an author event . . . often a reading.

The four a little something . . . broadsides published to date in 2009 were for or because of author presentations in Bulgaria and Fredericton:

a little something . . . 27
if there is time. Joe Blades. Published in a limited edition of 100 for the 5th Central European Canadianists conference, Sofia, Bulgaria, 16–18 October 2009. ISBN 978-1-55391-079-4

a little something . . . 28
excerpt from "photograph". Andrea Gibson. Published in a limited edition of 200 for her first performance in Atlantic Canada, UNB–STU SUB Ballroom, Fredericton, NB, 12 Nov 2009. ISBN 978-1-55391-080-0

a little something . . . 29
Writing and Publishing (one theory). Joe Blades. Published in a limited edition of 100 for a double bill Odd Sunday’s at Molly’s reading, Fredericton, NB. 22 Nov 2009. ISBN 978-1-55391-081-7

a little something . . . 30
Aesthetics. Catherine Owen. Published in a limited edition of 100 for a double bill Odd Sunday’s at Molly’s reading, Fredericton, NB. 22 Nov 2009. ISBN 978-1-55391-082-4

Interest in getting a set of these four broadsides? Sent $5, or a trade, to:

Broken Jaw Press Inc.
• tel 506 454 5127
• fax 506 454 5134

01 December 2009

Staging a Poem by Nela Rio

Staging a Poem: Art Installation by local renowned poet and artist Nela Rio will be available for viewing at the Fredericton Public Library (first floor), 12 Carleton Street, Fredericton, NB on Friday, Dec. 4th (12:30-4:30) and Saturday, Dec. 5th (2pm-4:30pm), 2009. Nela Rio has constructed a material poem, so to say. This event is sponsored by the Fredericton Chapter of the Ibero-American Academy of Poetry. Everyone is welcome to come view the installation and meet the artist.

Nela Rio is an author with seven books published by Broken Jaw Press including Aquella luz, la que estremece / The Light that Makes Us Tremble, translated by Hugh Hazelton, and the soon to be published En las noches que desvisten otras noches / Durant les nuits qui déshabillent d’autres nuits, poèmes par Nela Rio; Jill Valéry, traductrice; introducion par Elizabeth Gamble Miller.

New! Venus Butterfly by Pauline Michel

Venus Butterfly. By Pauline Michel; Jonathan Kaplansky translator into English; Preface by Marie-Claire Blais. Co-published with White Dwarf Editions of Montreal.

ISBN 978-1-55391-069-5, $18
Cover art: Inner faz by Elsa Gallegos

Allegorical novel, story for adults, poetic essay: Venus Butterfly is all this at once. With fresh, perceptive, nuanced writing, this reflective journey takes us into a wondrous world touched by humanist concerns. Venus Butterfly is a symbolic novel in which we witness the symbiosis of a child and a butterfly whose wings encompass every aspect of human life. It describes a rite of passage from childhood to adulthood, marked by the experiences and challenges that little by little shape an individual’s evolution.

A comet of light in a world of darkness.
—Marie-Claire Blais

Those who loved The Little Prince by Saint-Exupéry will appreciate this new novel by Pauline Michel.
—Serge Drouin, Le journal de Québec

Pauline Michel is a well-known artist and writer in French Canada. Expressing herself in poems, novels, short stories, plays, songs and stories for children, she also writes for radio, television, and film. Her cultural activities have taken her across Canada, to France and several African countries. Pauline was the 2004–2006 Parliamentary Poet Laureate of Canada. Her publications with Broken Jaw Press include the novel Eyes of Water (2006) and the bilingual poetry collection Funambule / Tightrope (2006).

Jonathan Kaplansky studied at Tufts University and received an MA in French Language and Literature from McGill and an MA in Translation from the University of Ottawa. He has translated works by Annie Ernaux, Hélène Dorion and Hélène Rioux. He currently lives in Montreal. Broken Jaw Press published Let Rest, his translation of Que repose by Acadian poet Serge Patrice Thibodeau, 2005; and Eyes of Water, his translation of Les yeux d’eau by Pauline Michel, in 2006.

Broken Jaw Press Inc.
• tel 506 454 5127
• fax 506 454 5134

New! A Fredericton Alphabet (2nd Edition) by John Leroux

After publishing four a little something . . .
broadsides in October and November, Broken Jaw Press,
@ 25, finally has two books at the printer. The first one is:

A new edition of John Leroux’s popular A Fredericton Alphabet.

Text and Photography by John Leroux
Foreword by Peter Pacey
Second ed: December 2009, 7” x 6”, 52 b&w photos, 64 pp
ISBN 978-1-55391-70-1, $16
First ed: November 2001
Architecture, photography, local interest/history

Inventive book encourages readers to look a architecture with an eye for the alphabet.
The New Brunswick Reader

A is for affection . . . Leroux gives a glimpse of the hidden story, the intricate craftsmanship that is one part of making up the impressive whole. He shows the care and love builders brought to the building and thus to the community.
The Daily Gleaner

John Leroux has captured some of the treasures of Fredericton’s architectural heritage with this creative combination of his own architectural perspective and his Artist’s vision. This book invites us to look at architecture in a new way and helps us to recognize anew the rich texture that this resource lends to the everyday ambience in our wonderful city. The idea of a new book with a new look at Fredericton architecture has long been overdue . . . This volume is an exciting first step in the process and it is designed to appeal to a wide range of readers: both the aficionado of built heritage and the student, layman or neophyte, who wants to see clearly and with fresh eyes. Here also are some prime examples of an array of the elements that add to the unique style of old Fredericton.
—Peter Pacey, Past President, Fredericton Heritage Trust

Fredericton is celebrated as a city of poets, but is it too far-fetched to speculate that maybe there is a deeper connection to the ornamental alphabet which graces our buildings and our illustrious literary past? Perhaps, but we cannot deny that our region is rich with craftspeople and artists—poets of materials as adept at working wood and stone as anywhere in North America. If you immerse yourself in the historic neighbourhoods of Fredericton, you will be astounded not only by their vibrant expression and material quality, but by their humanity; they are mirrors to our own virtues . . . our historic buildings exude life.
—John Leroux, from the Introduction

A Fredericton Alphabet is a black & white photographic exploration of Fredericton’s rich heritage buildings, captured in a unique manner that illustrates the ties between architectural ornament and the letters of the alphabet.

A native of New Brunswick, John Leroux graduated from McGill University’s school of architecture (1994) and Concordia University’s graduate program in Canadian Art History (2002). Since 2001, he has taught at the NB College of Craft & Design. John is a regular contributing architecture columnist for the Telegraph-Journal. The author and photographer of three books on New Brunswick architecture, A Fredericton Alphabet, Building Capital—a guide to Fredericton’s historic landmarks (2004), and Building New Brunswick—an architectural history (2008), John was also the curator of the landmark exhibition Building New Brunswick / Bâtir le Nouveau-Brunswick at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery.

Author photo by Karen Ruet.

Broken Jaw Press Inc.
• tel 506 454 5127
• fax 506 454 5134

Welcome to the blogging Broken Jaw

Probably should have been here ages ago but
the busy Broken Jaw wasn't just talking . . .
we were rebuilding (and we weren't alone)!

Gallery Connexion, @ 25, made homeless
by the Saint John River flood of 2008,
is almost into a new home @ 470 York Street
in the Chestnut Complex . . .

After the fire-forced move-out, limbo,
and finding a new home, Joe had to settle
with the insurers; then arrange to buy new
computers, printer, scanner, hi-speed modem,
lights, cables, battery backup with surge protect,
software and so much more . . .