04 April 2010

Publisher Joe Blades in Central Europe

Broken Jaw Press publisher Joe Blades's Spring 2010 Central European speaking tour

8–10 April, Thur-Sat: a keynote speaker, with poetry reading, @ the 4th Unconventional Conference of Young Canadianists, North University of Baia Mare, Romania

12 April, Tuesday, 5 pm: poetry reading at Országos Idegennyelvu Könyvtár/National Library of Foreign Literature in Budapest, Hungary

23–24 April: talk and poetry reading @ University of Kragujevac, Srbjia

29-30 April, possibly at Universitet u Istocnom Sarajevu, Pale, Republika Srpska

1–7 May: talk, poetry reading & more @ the Canada Corner at the Filozofski fakultet, University of Banja Luka, Republika Srpska, Bosnia i Herzegovina

11–16 May: poetry readings, including in the National Canadian Poetry feature, of the International Literature Manifestation—Sarajevo Poetry Days/Sarajevski dani poezije, festival, Association of Writers Bosnia and Herzegovina

1 comment:

  1. Fantastic, Joe - you have woven some very strong ties with Central Europe! :)
    have a fabulous string of verse celebrationss.