03 September 2010

re:myth book and exhibition

re:myth, Stories and Poems by the BlackTop MotorCycle Gang
Joe Blades & Biff Mitchell, editors

2 Sept 2010, 5.5” x 7”, 55 pp
Short fiction & poetry
ISBN 978-1-55391-094-7 (print), $15

The writings in re:myth are the BlackTop MotorCycle Gang’s poetic hogrider musings for a collaborative art making and exhibition project with Fredericton, NB’s Emerge Artist Collective. The tarmac bums volunteered to write and hand over their speculative–creative writings on mythologies of/in the 21st century to anonymously inspire an artwork by a member of Emerge.

The BlackTop MotorCycle Gang is a Fredericton, NB-based collective of eclectic writers spread from coast to coast in Canada who stage spontaneous “reading raids” in various unannounced locations but whom are also frequently invited to appear at special events (usually) of a literary nature. Having successfully raided an issue of Nonymous magazine, this is the notorious BlackToppers’ first book.

The re:myth exhibition by the BlackTop MotorCycle Gang and the Emerge Artist Collective, for which these pieces were written, opened 2 September 2010 in the 1922 Gallery of Gallery ConneXion, 440 York Street, Fredericton, New Brunswick, www.galleryconnexion.ca

contributors & contents:
Andrea Crabbe • The Gods Are Lost
Andrew Titus • MyKindOfBuddism • Two minute Buddha
Beth Powning • The Gods of Allera
Dennis Poirier • The story of Adam Poirier
Jo-Anne Elder • Icarus’ Wife
Jo Griffith • Hey, bisclavret • Wolfman
Kari Haines • Psyche’s Trial
Tairie Richards • July runs in memories blood/Mythic love
Vivan Unger • Baubo’s Audition
Andrea Kikuchi • The time of the greatest quiet • Lisa
Biff Mitchell • I, the Brandymark
Hazel Richardson • Intercepted encrypted email
Joe Blades • “the writer writhing ...” • shoppin’ carts are go(ne)
Josiah Taylor • Into Consuming
Leanne Ayer • Does God have a Twitter account?
Todd R. Snow • I, Burger • The Confession
Yolande House • Ageless

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